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Friday, August 29, 2014


So it's 2014. It has literally been OVER TWO YEARS since I have last written on this thing. I will admit though that I LOVED re-reading my 5 blog posts from the past and also I would like to kick myself in the hiney for not posting more!!

So the title of my post. Say it out loud. Now, if said correctly, you would basically be saying LOL or "laugh out loud" for the non internet lingo savvy people =) I thought that would be an appropriate title because my life over the past two years has changed SO MUCH that looking back at it, I can't help but laugh. To start off........................I HAD SOME MORE KID(S).

Yep....we wanted our family to grow and so the Lord went ahead and blessed us with 3 little heartbeats on that ultrasound. TRIPLETS?!?! Oh my. Bless my heart. My hands must be so full. I must not sleep ever. Did I plan three? I must had help. Were they natural? How did three fit inside of you? You must be non stop. those are most of the reactions I get when they see the three. I haven't really ran in to anyone rude about our situation, but trust me they do exist. When I initially found out, I was alone in the doctors office going in after my blood test showed that I indeed was carrying a child. To back track a little....Leimana was totally a whoopsie baby in college haha but the best whoopsie that could've happened =))) At my six week appointment after having her I did NOT want any more children until I figured out how life would be for me and my daughter, so I got mirena. So mirena did its job and made it so I didn't have any kids while on it. HOWEVER it also made sure I didn't have any kids, or made it super super difficult, while off of it as well. After a year of trying, I decided to go to the doctor to see what all was going on. Turns out I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. Basically I don't ovulate every month and so the eggs that didn't get released turn in to little cysts on my ovaries. My first appointment showed 6 cysts. 3 on each side. I had no idea what that meant. So my doctor and I worked out a plan to try and trigger ovulation for me since it was happening maybe 2 out of the 12 times a year. I was put on a birth control and at the end of that, I was to take a medication called Clomid to encourage my body to actually release my eggs instead of be little losers and stick with me. WELL it worked and then some.

Literally I was like 10 days pregnant and it showed up on a pregnancy test. I figure my doctor must've known something was up when I was calling him already telling that I got a positive. I can remember the day to a tee. I had a weird feeling going in to the ultrasound. The running joke was that it'd be twin boys just like Stephen's mom. Every time they'd tell me that I'd just say no way jose! So going in to the appointment I was like okay...I'm gonna brace myself for twins because it'd just make sense since Stephen is a twin himself.

From the moment my uterus showed up on the screen I knew this was something different. It also added to the suspense for the fact that the nurse came and grabbed grabbed my arm as if to give me some support for what the doctor was about to tell me. I could see it already. Normally, there's just the one big black spot and then a little peanut in it, which is the baby. Not this one. Whenever he moved it, the black spots would merge together, then separate and then finally....on the screen was 3 black spots with 3 little peanuts in each. I was just 5 weeks along so they were mainly yolk sacs for now. Baby C, Daniel, had yet to come up with a heart beat. The doctor said give it two weeks and we'll look again to see what happens. I can't imagine life without Daniel now. I was so blessed to be able to see that 2 weeks later, there was a very strong heart beat in that sac. I now know what all that meant. It meant that the baby that was in that sac was going to be my heart stopper LOL no, I'm kidding but seriously Daniel is the one who gets me nervous with his lack of fear of anything! Even people! He's going places.

ANYWAY. So I got the news. Confirmed fraternal triplets. I could no longer see my regular OB because I had been put in the "high risk" category pregnancy wise which meant I got to drive 45 minutes every doctor appointment to a Maternal Fetal Medicine(MFM) group to get my check ups and what not. Now originally when I found out there were 3, a little part of me became very sad. But ONLY for the fact that my doctor let me know I was an auto cesarean patient. I knew that and accepted it. Fast forward to my consult with the MFM group. I was 8 weeks along and got to really see my babies move. Not only that, but our loverly Doctor, Dr. Horton, informed us that this is one of the only hospitals with doctors that are totally comfortable being in a position to deliver triplets vaginally. HALLELUJAH. Most people would call me crazy for wanting to do it this way, but I remembered my labor with Leimana and it wasn't too bad so I figured add 2 more and we'd be cool. BTW as I'm typing this, it's 12:07am and I can hear little Stephen just talking up a storm. Go ahead with your bad self Stephen. Just don't cry. =)

Some questions I'd get a lot throughout this pregnancy were:

-So there's really 3 in there huh?
-When are you due? Any day I bet......

I loved getting all the questions and still do! I mean, the "sympathy" gets old, but people who are genuinely interested I love giving them the info! So here's some random facts that I can remember.

-I didn't get 3 times as sick....I actually only threw up maybe 10 times....which if you ask a woman who's been pretty good. I mainly had food aversions that wouldn't allow me to eat certain foods or I'd gag like it was a job.

-Some weird cravings I had---SPICE. If you know me, you'd know I hate spicy food....or more like I'm a whimp. However, during this pregnancy I just couldn't get enough! We'd put cayan pepper in saimin and drink the broth. CAYAN PEPPER IS VERY SPICY. Also, the first few weeks of pregnancy my breakfast would consist of: 2 cup of noodles and 4 pickles. I also had a hankering for broccoli cheese soup.

-The worst pain throughout pregnancy would be at night when I'd lay down and go to move my legs. It felt as if a knife was stabbing my pelvis or groin....I learned the term round ligament pain. It became my most hated two words throughout the whole pregnancy.

- I gained.....I honestly don't know. I'll say like 45-50lbs. I *think* I didn't go over 200lbs. Buuuut I didn't get weighed the last week of my pregnancy. Out of sight, out of mind. But yes. I gained the same amount with Leimana.

-Altogether I had 15lb5oz of baby inside of me.

-I went in to preterm labor at 28weeks and put on hospital bedrest for a week....that was the scariest week of my life. ALSO they give you magnesium shots in your butt.

-Florence and I always laugh at how "hard" we thought it was with the 2 girls. LOL can't wait till these guys hit 2. *me being sarcastic*

-I'm so mad at myself for not taking legit weekly pictures to show how big I got. I mean sure, I was a selfie whore with all the bathroom pics I took, but I wish I would have done week by week in same outfit. I'm not sure the exact amount I was measuring....I never asked my OB to check.

-I GOT A LOT OF STRETCHMARKS. Towards the end of the pregnancy, they almost busted open. Even the ultrasound tech was like "those are almost the worst I've seen" thankfully I wasn't the worst so that's nice.

So like a preggo on house arrest, I thought it' d be cool to go to IKEA. So while in Ikea, we saw another preggo Mom. Note: this ikea is like 45 minutes away from  our house in like the opposite direction of the hospital. Anyway, we met a lady who was 9 months preggo. I wasn't due for another month and a half. We talked and wished each other well, knowing the reason we were there was to a) get exercise and b) walk these babies in to position. Come to find out...Florence met her mom in the hallway of the hospital the day I delivered to find out that she delivered same day as me! SMALL WORLD.

Another cool fact. All the children in this house sleep through the night. 

So that's my pregnancy. Lots of lounging. Lots of water. Lots of protein. Lots of weight. Lots of coolness. Or actually not because I was biggest in the summer. That was so hot. Literally. I made it to 33 weeks and 3 days which isn't too bad for triplet mamas. The average is 32 weeks so I was glad to have made it past that. I was also glad to get the babies out and meet them and squeeze them(when I could finally hold them).

It's 12:33am. I should stop...BUT I will make this promise. Since Stephen will be gone literally 2 days a week, every week, for the rest of the year....I will blog during those times. Next blog will be my "labor/birth story with the trio"

To end for tonight, I will say this. I am blessed beyond measure. I know there is no way that I could be here if it weren't for my two Fathers. My Heavenly Father and my Earthly Father who just so happens to be in Heaven also =) They have provided me strength when I felt the most alone and have always been there for me to let out my thoughts and feelings to. I'm grateful to be in a marriage where I'm able to stay at home with our children(although I do love adult interaction whenever possible :P) and raise them and be able to see all their milestones. I'll admit I get tired, I feel defeated, sometimes I am envious...............but that all goes away as soon as I get a smile or hear "Mama". The love I have for my children can never be changed. They will always be my #1s(2,3 and 4) lol Here's to a peaceful night where ever you are and who ever you are. Because I swear only me and like 2 other people read this =) and...HERE ARE LIKE 5 SUPER RANDOM PICTURES.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


OH MY GOODNESS....I need to be slapped. I need to keep up with this stuff. OKAY. Well first off....HAPPY 2012. Another year has gone by way too quickly! So much happened in 2011...we were blessed to be drafted to Chicago...our precious daughter started crawling, talking, walking and most importantly acquiring a new level of sass towards her parents lol. Sooo let's recap on the Holidays.

We were supposed to surprise my Mom on Christmas Eve, but the cat got out of the bag on our last random visit. We got in around 1 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve and just went home to chill out and open up our presents for just us =) We were so so sad Stephen couldn't come with us....first off we haven't spent Christmas or New Years as a family yet!! Yeah I know! Lame! But duty calls, and we were grateful to be able to go home nonetheless. On Christmas Day we went to the coast to Florence to spend it with Joe's family! I love going there with all the really feel the Christmas spirit there =)

New Years rolled on by....Mom and I stayed up and she was my New Year's hug and kiss =) Florence, Nia and Leimana were allllll losers and went to sleep early.

So now we're a couple weeks in to the New Year. Not a whole lot has happened except for snow and more cold weather. Stephen's Mom was here for a week after he had a scope done on his knee just to get away for a little bit and to help out around here while having 2 babies lol

I'll post up a few pics in total random order just to let you see our growing little one. =) See you next week....hopefully!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh I have a blog??

Oh heeeeeey!!! So's almost midnight here and I cannot sleep for the life of me and since I just read Anna's blog, I felt like something was giving me that kick in the butt I needed to update this thing!
 Wow. It's almost the end of 2011. Where did time seriously go???'s a few little diddy's that have happened since my last post.
First off...LEIMANA IS A MONSTER. Hahaha...just kidding, but really she is literally a mini hulk. I was changing her clothes this morning and went to grab her from running away from me when I nearly lost my breath picking her up! Soooo, it got me thinking how does she really measure up? At her last doctor appointment in Oregon to check up on her eczema(yes she has it =( ) she weighed in at 30lbs 13oz. Now to me, I'm like, okay...this is normal she gained 2lbs since her check up in October. So I went on the WORLD WIDE WEB and googled average weight of a 14 month girl.....I got my answer there. According to...whatever, polls or statistics, my daughter is the weight of a 3 year old. YES THREE YEAR OLD. I mean, that would explain why 2T clothing are fitting her nice and snug but really?? I guess it didn't hit me that she was big till then. Anyway, I'm not worried because she doesn't look huge. Wait, scratch that, she looks huge when held up to a kid her size but to me she's still my baby. It's just getting to be a nice little workout lugging her around everywhere. Thank GOODNESS she likes to walk or I'd be having to wheel her around with me in a wheelchair. Also, my little girl is getting an attitude! If we go for a little while without talking to her...she SCREAMS! ie: Stephen and I were in the kitchen a couple days ago talking and putting food on our plates when all the sudden we here a grunt/scream coming from the floor lol We look down to see a very disapproving face glaring at us! This girl! Boy I love her tho...she keeps us entertained. Speaking of entertainment...she has a new love. She loves playing with the ukelele. She lugs it around everywhere with her...she was even so kind to put it in the dryer while I was switching loads!
Secondly!!!! Leimana and I surprised my Mom, Florence and Nia a couple weeks ago with our presence! Let's just say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I love doing surprises like that where no one knows but me!! Especially when it's to see family! I did that to my Grandma before we left for Chicago and she LOVED it too!! I really love going home as much as I love living out here on our own with our cute little family...nothing beats going back home. Still knowing where everything goes, how to get everywhere and bumping in to old friends. I kind of wish they lived in Florence so I could REALLY bump in to old friends and such, but I think it just brings a lot of memories for Mom so out in Corvallis is better!! Plus it's closer to the Portland Airport which is a total PLUS! OH AND NIA!! My goodness that baby is my favorite niece ever!! She's totally getting a personality now and is just a hoot! She sings along with whatever songs are playing which would be from her Mom's side =) Also, she started waving too...that lil bugaboo is just a GENIUS! It's those Baby Einstein's! Too bad Leimana never got in to those...
Third.....hmmmm.....OH! It's only snowed 1.5 times since moving here!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll stay that way till we leave in mid January! Hopefully later than that because I would LOVE IT if we went in to playoffs. Anyway...I keep trying to prepare myself for this winter...but truth is, we'd be leaving before it got REALLY bad. On that note, I'm just gonna throw this out there....WE'RE GOING TO TONGA. I'm still kinda half/half about this. I'm sooo excited to be going somewhere WARM! But I'm a little scared going a place I've never been where I won't know what the heck is being said. I hope Leimana has her Dad's tough skin, because I always broke out when we went to Samoa. BUT...I really am excited to see where Stephen grew up and the house he lived in. I wish we could go to a Mormon church while there...buuuuut our Sunday's shall be spent at the Methodist. It's cool tho, we lived next to a Tongan Methodist Church in Alaska and went a couple times. Leimana loves the music part too she LOVES music in general. So let's just pray this trip is one to remember for the HIPHOPPYHAPPY times! I'm sure it will be. With that being said...I need to get our passports turned in ASAP! now I'm tired..sorry for all maybe 2 of you reading? But just forewarning...this blog is going to  be nice and RANDOM!! Loves to all...and until next time! Here's some flicks =)

Her love her uke =)
 Nia: I'm not touching you. Mana: YES YOU ARE I'M LOOKING RIGHT AT YOUR HAND!
 This is her new smile...she does it every time she sees me hold up my phone. Our cheeky girl! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Pictures. is just a lazy lazy Sunday. Stephen left about an hour ago for Detroit and will be back sometime late late tomorrow. I hate when he has to leave us.....there just always feels like a void. However, I am so so so so thankful to have Leimana here with me or I'd be SUPER bored, mind you the house would probably be spic and span, my life would just be dull. Obviously she's napping right now, so I thought I would blog and do a little update on our week!

Stephen's family just left a couple days ago and while I love having them's always nice to get back in to the swing of things as a little family. It's so funny how much Leimana was fascinated by Pora. When she would be freaking out when I'd leave...he'd just have to start playing the uke and things would be peachy! OH SHE TURNED 1. Ahhhhhhh!! I honestly feel so old.

She is doing so much now. At her 1 year check up she weighed in at 28lb 7oz and was 32in tall. And my goodness, you can feel all 28 pounds. She is such a character. She laughs at herself, talks on the phone(her hand) to herself and just today is using a STRAW!! Awww...we were so proud. We just got some Jamba Juice and Stephen put his straw to her mouth and at first she just bit it, but after a little moving around she started sucking and BOOM she uses straws now!! I was so proud I called Florence and told her the whole story. BTW I'm SO SO SO SO excited for Florence to come. It's gonna make Stephen's trip to London go by WAY fast. I wanna plan an itinerary for us when she comes so she can get a feel for this place. I LOVE it here!!

Yesterday we got family pictures...just from JCPenny...but they turned out pretty well! Leimana cried in between takes but hey...we still got some smiles from her. I'll upload them later from the desktop. Annnd yes. That's the update! Nice and all over the place =)

OH YEAH. We have a nanny too!! She's very cool and Leimana loves her. She is a rarity and we've only used her once, but Leimana was in love with her when she met her so we knew she'd be a good pick. So, tonight we're gonna go have dinner with her since the hubby's are out for work!! Cheesecake Factory here we come!!!


 Sooo...she sat on this for about 2 minutes...then it was SEE-YA!!
 Every time I walked away.....her reaction ^^^^^
 Thank the Lord she Loves her Daddy now..he was her comic relief when I didn't cut it lol
 She just looks over it. 
 One of our favorites...
The only photo she'd stand up long enough for.  
Her <3 belongs to's true.  
Senior Picture already?? 
 Escaping to Mommy =)

 My Favorite! 
  Another good one.... 
 Just moving all around...
 Hop on Pop!
Yeah....I tried editing it myself. No bueno.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birthday weekend choochoo!!

So last weekend my Mom, Florence and Nia came to visit because I WAS TURNING 21!! Woot woot!! Yeah except it wasn't a big deal really because I don't drink or go "clubbing" or anything like that. But I will admit that I did buy alcohol just to be asked for my I.D. Which I was, so that was my right of passage. The game went off with a lame hit. The Bears lost =( Stephen didn't play...but then again he hasn't played since the season opener so there was no surprise there. I think Heavenly Father is playing a big part in Stephen not playing. From talking to Stephen, I know that he desperately wants to just get out there and show them what he can do...but the defensive depth chart is kinda a little deep right now because after they picked up Stephen, they went and signed on another 2 d-tackles. Kinda frustrating, but at the same time understandable because he was still recovering from his surgery and knee knee injury. ANYWAY this
not playing is a blessing in disguise because at the last game of the preseason, someone stepped on his ribs and left a HUGE much that his ribs are bruised. Well, it hasn't gotten much better and now, every time he goes to touch a certain spot too hard, it kind of knocks the wind out of him. So, to me, I'm glad he's not playing because my hunny needs to rest up and recoop. I hate seeing him hurt and hate the fact that his job basically puts him in those dangerous situations whenever he goes to work. But I'm grateful that he's willing to take these hits because his career has affected many many many peoples lives. Sooo here's some pictures from the weeeekend.

 She didn't want Auntie to leave.
 Their love is unbreakable. Untouchable. Immoveable.
 Oh our airbrushed family LOL
Something about this woman...babies love. 
 After the game...nice and sweaty and stripped down 
Oh I love my Nia-Bia....she is just a ball of CUTE!! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where did you go, go, go, go???

Oh my year. Next week...that little baby in the post before is going to be a YEAR OLD!!! This year has been one of a few trials but MANY MANY blessings!! SO many things have happened since Leimana has been born. Stephen and I got MARRIED!! It is still so crazy to me that I'm a married woman. If you would have told me 5 years ago that my life would have played out like this...I would have laughed in your face.
Not too long after we got married, we got amazing news that Stephen was chosen to play for the Chicago Bears. There was a lockout though during the draft so it gave us time to prepare for our big move. In July, we finally took the jump and moved over here to lovely Vernon Hills. However, when we got here, we didn't have a place to stay so we stayed in an extended stay for about 3 weeks. We found an apartment about 3 days after we got here, but couldn't move in until mid August, but it was totally worth the wait. I love our new place and am so excited to do our first Christmas here! Even though we'll probably move next year to a real house, I'm sooo glad we have a cute and comfy place to live. Here's my year in pictures =)

They're out of order...but...she's cute so we're good. 

OKAY GUYS...THAT'S ALL FOR NOW...I'm gonna try and update every week okaaaaay?? Muchas umahs!